March 14, 2022

Release notes and fixed issues

New Features / Improvements

  • Site Administration - The Project Creation Timeout (minutes) settings on the Site Administration > Settings page now applies to project creation via both git clone and fork. Consider increasing this value in case you need to create a large project. If you have tried forking projects before doing this and they get "stuck," the only way to delete these projects is to manually navigate to the <user>/<project-name> URL, and select Project Settings > Delete.
  • Load Balancer subnet - Support specifying subnets for the Load Balancer created by CML on AWS. The Workspace Provisioning page now has a field for specifying a subnet for the Load Balancer. See Provisioning a Workspace for more information.

Fixed Issues

  • Editor (DSE-11423) - Fixed an issue so that the editor, session, or workbench windows resize when the browser window resizes.