August 31, 2021

Release notes and fixed issues.

New Features / Improvements

  • API v2 - A new API for operations on projects, jobs, models, and applications is now generally available.
  • ML Workflow Discovery and Exploration (Preview) - This feature accelerates the ML development workflow with preconfigured data connections and readily available snippets. See ML Discovery and Exploration for more information.
  • Kubernetes 1.19 - Kubernetes 1.19 support has been added on AWS.

Fixed issues

  • RStudio editor issue (DSE-16843) - Fixed an issue where users may see a blank page when launching Sessions with RStudio editor using legacy engines.
  • Spark (DSE-17279) - Fixed an issue that could cause sessions to fail to start if the Enable Spark option was not selected.
  • SSH tunnels (DSE-17406) - Fixed an issue where users could not create a new SSH tunnel on the Project Settings > SSH tunnels page.
  • GPU node (DSE-17114) - The default GPU node was changed to a p3 generation instance.