August 23, 2021

Release notes and fixed issues.

New Features / Improvements

  • AMPs and Runtimes - Runtimes requirements for tasks can now be specified in AMPs.
  • API v2 - A new API endpoint for creating models is available.
  • API v2 - An ephemeral API key, which is valid during the lifespan of Sessions/Jobs/Applications/Experiments, for accessing APIv2 endpoints is now available in the environmental variable CDSW_APIV2_KEY.
  • Customer Master Keys - CMK encryption is now supported for AWS environments. For more information, see CMK Encryption on AWS (Preview) in Preview Features.
  • User-level environmental variables - Users can now set environmental variables at the user level, which are available in all Sessions, Jobs, Applications, Experiments, and Models launched by the user.
  • Session launch UX improvement - The console output page now shows autoscaling information of the CML workspaces when scheduling new Sessions, Jobs, Experiments or Applications

Fixed issues

  • ML Runtimes (DSE-16429) - Fixed an issue so that warnings are displayed for models during runtime migration in the case of an engine type mismatch.
  • ML Runtimes (DSE-14834) - Fixed an issue so that when workers are added with ML Runtimes, they are initialized with the correct runtime
  • ML Runtimes (DSE-16163) - Fixed an issue where the New Session > Configure button opened the Runtime/Engine page, even if the Runtimes feature was disabled.
  • ML Runtimes (DSE-16790) - Fixed an issue where the Add Runtime button on the Runtimes Catalog page is displayed for regular users.
  • Spark (DSE-16714) - Enabled/disabled state of a Spark addon is now remembered across sessions.
  • Grafana dashboards (DSE-16615) - Fixed an issue where Grafana dashboards did not appear on public cloud workspaces.