January 30, 2020

Release notes and fixed issues

  • Base Engine v11 - The default base engine is now version 11. The only change to the included libraries is the R interpreter, which is updated to version 3.6.2.
  • Python 2 checkbox disabled - Python 2 sessions are now disabled by default on new clusters, but can be re-enabled by admin users.
  • Load Balancer Source Ranges - When provisioning a Machine Learning workspace, in Advanced Settings, you can enter the CIDR range of IP addresses allowed to connect to the workspace. You must include the entire IP pool in the allowlist for your VPC to ensure that terminal sessions can connect to the workspace.
  • Updated Open Workbench button name - When launching a session, the Open Workbench button has been renamed to New Session.
  • Login error message - Fixed a bug where users might see the following error message upon login to a CML workspace: "Email already associated with an account."