August 14, 2020

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud introduces the new features and improvements that are described in this topic.

Stability and performance improvements

This release includes numerous stability and performance improvements, improvements to health checks, plus multiple bug fixes.

Ability to configure custom Hue properties

You can configure custom Hue properties that are not directly exposed through the CDW web UI by specifying them in a Hue configuration called hue-safety-valve for a Virtual Warehouse. For more details, see Configuring custom properties using safety valves.

Health check for the Hue load balancer

Unlike earlier, if the Hue server starts and the Hue load balancer has not started yet, Hue does not display an error message when you try to access the Hue endpoint (or the web UI). This is because Hue now checks the health of the load balancer as well as the Hue server before loading the Hue user interface.