Known issues in Data Analytics Studio on public clouds

Learn about the known issues related to Data Analytics Studio (DAS) in Cloudera Data Warehouse service on public clouds, the impact or changes to the functionality, and the workaround.

DWX-929: DAS UI displays the internal JDBC URL.
Problem: DAS displays the internal JDBC URL on its About page instead of the correct JDBC URL to use to connect to the data warehouse.
Workaround: To copy the correct JDBC URL to use to connect to the data warehouse, in the Data Warehouse service Overview page, go to Virtual Warehouse > , and then click Copy JDBC URL.
DWX-2592: DAS cannot parse certain characters in strings and comments.
Problem: DAS cannot parse semicolons (;) and double hyphens (--) in strings and comments. For example if you have a semicolon in a query such as the following, the query might fail:

SELECT * FROM properties WHERE prop_value = "name1;name2";
Queries with double hyphens (--) might also fail. For example:

SELECT * FROM test WHERE option = '--name';
Workaround: If a semicolon is present in a comment, then remove the semicolon before running the query or remove the comment entirely. For example:

SELECT * FROM test; -- SELECT * FROM test;
Should be changed to:

SELECT * FROM test; /* comment; comment */
In the same manner, remove any double-hyphens before running queries to avoid failure in DAS.
Older versions of Google Chrome browser might cause issues.
Problem: You might experience problems while using faceted search in older versions of the Google Chrome browser.
Workaround: Use the latest version (71.x or later) of Google Chrome.
BUG-94611: Visual Explain for the same query shows different graphs.
Problem: Visual Explain for the same query shows different graphs on the Compose page and the Query Details page.
Workaround: N/A