August 4, 2022 fixed issues

This release of the Cloudera Data Warehouse (CDW) service on CDP Public Cloud fixes these issues.

DWX-12787 DWX Access Control - Unable to Update the VW with UserGroup
The Virtual Warehouse is now updated with UserGroups.
DWX-12669 HEADROOM property editing disabled for single node Hive Virtual Warehouse and WAIT TIME takes precedence
This issue fixes potential problems caused by setting HEADROOM properties when using a single node Hive VW and by making HEADROOM and WAIT TIME settings mutually exclusive. WAIT TIME settings now take precedence over HEADROOM settings when both are configured.
CDPD-40730 PARQUET-1682 Forward compatibility for TIME/TIMESTAMP
PARQUET-1682 was backported to maintain forward compatibility for TIME/TIMESTAMP. This resolves the incompatibility between Hive's direct Parquet dependency and the transitive Parquet versions brought in by Iceberg.