Stream Processing Community Edition

Cloudera Stream Processing (CSP), powered by Apache Flink and Apache Kafka, provides a complete streams management and stateful processing solution. In CSP, Kafka serves as the storage streaming layer, and Flink as the core in-stream processing engine that supports SQL and REST interfaces. CSP allows developers, data analysts and data scientists to build hybrid streaming data pipelines where time is a crucial factor such as fraud detection, network threat analysis, instantaneous loan approvals and so on.

The Community Edition of CSP makes developing stream processors easy as it can be done right from your desktop or any other development node. Analysts, data scientists, and developers can now evaluate new features, develop SQL-based stream processors locally using SQL Stream Builder powered by Flink, and develop Kafka Consumers/Producers and Kafka Connect Connectors, all locally before moving to production.

If you have any question or would like to provide feedback, you can join the community conversation on the Cloudera Stream Processing Forum.