CDP Public Cloud Top Tasks

Below you will find links to solutions for common tasks when working with CDP Public Cloud.

Data Services

Data Catalog

How to select a data lake to search, view data assets, run the profiler, among others.

Data Engineering

Create and schedule jobs, automate workflows and data pipelines, run a deep analysis of jobs to generate detailed information such as memory utilization and stages, among other tasks.


How to create a DataFlow deployment or a DataFlow function in AWS.

Data Hub

How to create an AWS cluster from a cluster definition, create a custom cluster template, and upgrade CDP Public Cloud.

Data Visualization

Learn how to deploy CDP Data Visualization, connect to a data source and create advanced visualizations.

Data Warehouse

How to set up an auto-scaling Virtual Warehouse, explore a data lake, and correct the size of a Virtual Warehouse.

Machine Learning

Learn how to bring CDP data into CML using data connections, and how to deploy web-based applications with CML.

Management Console

Learn how to verify your credential prerequisites and register your first environment.

Operational Database

Learn how to create an Operational Database, deploy, and compile your applications in a CDP environment.

Replication Manager

Replicate HDFS, Hive external tables, and HBase data to use in a variety of use cases which include disaster recovery, data analysis, and running workloads.