SSH key pair

When registering an environment, you will be asked to provide an SSH public key for which you have a matching private key. The minimum SSH key size is 2048 bits.

You have two options:

  • Select a public SSH key that is already in EC2 in the region that you would like to use.
  • Upload a public SSH key from your computer.

The SSH public key will be used for root-level access to Data Lake and Data Hub instances. Only those users who have the corresponding private key would be able to login as an admin user.

On AWS, you can create or import SSH keys in the EC2 console > Key Pairs in the specified region by using the Create Key Pair or Import Key Pair options:

For instructions on how to create or import your SSH key on AWS, refer to Creating a key pair using Amazon EC2 and Importing your own public key to Amazon EC2 in AWS documentation.